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Our Mission

At PVP, our mission is to research and publish nonpartisan and easy-to-understand policy content that educates students, informs policy makers, and engages the general public in understanding and intercepting policy issues.

Our Vision

We envision a future where sound policy improves the quality of life in America.

Who We Serve

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Civic Learning Week Podcast Out Now!

For Civic Learning Week, we hosted a panel on “Less Stress, More Learning” in collaboration with More Like US and the ASU Center for American Civics. The panel is now available for streaming as a podcast on the Arizona Civics Podcast.

Listen to our featured podcast episode – S2, E2: Less Stress, More Learning!

Partnership Announcement: ActiVote x PvP!

We’ve joined forces with ActiVote to provide policy information to hundreds of thousands of ActiVote users!

Read our press release!

Latest Policy Briefs:


For most people, being unemployed is a simple question: Do you have a job or not? Even so, measuring the unemployment rate for the entire ...
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Cap and Trade

As discussed in our brief on Decarbonization (linked in Further Reading), reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key strategy for reducing global temperature increases. There ...
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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Production and use of electric vehicles (EVs) has increased dramatically over the last decade. In addition to an increase in overall popularity, this trend is ...
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