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Serving Policymakers

If you’re a federal, state, or local policymaker seeking to accomplish meaningful work across party lines – you’ve come to the right place. 

At PvP, our team works alongside you to research, curate, analyze, and publish source-cited information and data across a broad field of policy areas. Importantly, we provide the actionable insights you need in weeks and months, not years or election cycles. As a non-partisan organization, our goal is not to influence policy outcomes, but to support the creation of sound policy by: 

  • Identifying the gaps in data and information between policymakers and constituents – our team works to ensure the voices of your constituents are heard, and the reasoning behind your policy decisions is clear and accessible to the public.
  • Supporting the evaluation, prioritization, and effective rollout of legislative initiatives –  we work alongside you to explore the benefits, drawbacks, costs, and potential paths to successful policy rollout.
  • Measuring the success of policies beyond rollout – our team remains engaged in tracking how various policies impact your constituents in practice.

To ensure policy outcomes are aligned with your constituents, our research is centered on thoughtful, transparent, and unbiased research that maintains a 360° perspective. We intentionally seek input from a network of individuals with diverse backgrounds and valuable experience to avoid the pitfalls of material prepared by special interest groups of lobbyists with bias. This network includes academics and data scientists, subject matter experts with industry experience, and community members with lived experience.

Given the extent of knowledge and expertise necessary to be effective in establishing sound policy, policymakers are beginning to leverage PvP as a trusted resource to support their efforts. Whether you need information and data for a constituent meeting, speaking engagement, public debate, or policy decision, you can refer to PvP with confidence. 

As our program expands, we are working to explore additional ways to support policymakers in fostering meaningful connections with their constituents, including the potential addition of digital tools that increase voter enthusiasm for the valuable policy work you do. 

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