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Serving the General Public

At Policy vs Politics, we believe learning about policy should be simple and engaging. In 2021, we launched the digital Policy Brief Library to provide the public with streamlined policy data and information. Our briefs are written with the average reading level in mind, without long-winded explanations and complicated definitions. We keep our policy briefs short and concise to deliver important information on a wide variety of policy topics. By shedding light on the nuances of various policies and their impact, we aim to empower the public to engage confidently and meaningfully with policy matters. 

Policy Brief Features: 

  • Short format, digestible content
  • Maintains a 360° perspective
  • Information is source-cited
  • New briefs published weekly

Partner Organizations and Coalitions

CivXNow Coalition

The CivXNow coalition boasts over 320 member organizers and works to prepare youth to assume responsibilities and understand their rights as active participants in civic life. As a member organization, we’re proud to work with the nation’s largest cross-partisan coalition to fuel constitutional democracy through K-12 civic education.

ActiVote Partnership

ActiVote educates voters on important issues, when and where they can cast their vote, connects them with their elected officials, and allows them to make their voice heard by quickly answering key polling questions. We’re teaming up with ActiVote to deliver easily accessible and up-to-date policy data and information to hundreds of thousands of users via the ActiVote app and website. Our collective goal: simplify policy learning and in turn, increase voter confidence.


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