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Policy vs Politics is looking to hire individuals for their Digital Marketing part-time remote internship to start ASAP. This is a paid internship with a monthly stipend for $500 per month for an average of 8 hours per week (roughly $15 per hour).

What you’ll get:

Who we’re looking for:

We are looking for college students (both undergraduate and graduate level) with at least a 3.0 GPA that have prior work experience and/or extra curricular involvement on their campus. We are open to all majors but believe students studying business, communications, humanities/language, social sciences or government may be the best fit for this internship. 

Mission You are highly motivated and inspired by our mission to provide short form raw data and information relevant to pending and written government policies, laws, regulations and actions to others without any political spin, party affiliation or influence.

Creativity You have the ability to generate attention-grabbing ideas that will entice the target audience and develop conceptual campaigns designed to stand apart from competitors.

Problem Solving Skills You are able to collaborate with others to identify the problem, propose solutions, choose the best one, and implement it.

Understand Data AnalyticsYou can help the organization with understanding the current state of the business by interpreting a wide range of marketing and social media data. You can ensure the quality and accuracy of that data, then process, design, and present it in ways to help people, businesses, and organizations make better decisions.

Attention to Detail You are very thorough in your work and don’t tolerate mistakes.

What the role entails:

Implementing social media strategies and initiatives to engage in meaningful exchanges and create and grow lasting relationships with subscribers, donors and influencers. Utilizing social media as a marketing tool, you should be familiar with commonly used platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and possibly TikTok, their audience(s) and have a good understanding of how to drive engagement and report on key performance indicators.

Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Social Media Management – curate and create content on behalf of our organization. 
  • Art Design – design & develop creative images, videos and other digital assets to be used in social media campaigns and community outreach efforts. 
  • Collaborate – on social media campaigns and day-to-day activities. Duties include writing/proofing copy, creative image and video curation and design, community outreach efforts, monitoring, responding, measuring, and reporting.  
  • Demonstrate – an ability to receive strategic direction and adapt for use across multiple social media platforms. 
  • Reputation Management – make strategic recommendations on how to thoughtfully respond, cultivate and adapt to negative comments.  
  • Elevate – identify emerging trends in social media tactics and strategies. Monitor trends in social media tools, trends, and applications for adoption by our organization.  
  • Analyze – perform regular analysis of results and performance of ongoing marketing campaigns. Identify new metrics and tools in monitoring and spotting trends and measuring results. 
  • Project Management – track department projects and assure timely or early completion to accommodate deadlines. Coordinate project deliverables and deadlines with other internal stakeholders or departments. 
  • Listening – monitor the web for mentions and interactions that involve and or are relevant to our brand. Report and appropriately engage within the strategic guidelines laid out in the strategic planning documents. Provide ongoing feedback on insights gained from social media monitoring. 
  • Sentiment Analysis – monitor the sentiment of communications toward or regarding our organization, other publishers of similar content, and topics of interest. Report on status or changes in sentiment in regular reporting, or sooner if a notable change in sentiment occurs. 
  • Proposals – proof strategic technical documents and proposals for social media and digital services for overall content as well as spelling and grammar. Proposal development and promotional outlines. 
  • Reporting – monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media programs, and analyze, review, and report on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results. Gather relevant data points from multiple sources for use in producing organizational reporting documents. Provide feedback for analysis and accountability for results and achievements.  
  • Content Management – make edits on website platforms, content management systems, and basic HTML. 
  • Meetings – participate, listen, take notes and report on department and interdepartmental meetings. Track tasks, documents, objectives, and decisions reached in internal meetings. 
  • Collaborating – work within Policy vs Politics and with external partners to accomplish objectives in a collegial fashion. Foster an environment of mutual respect. Contribute to a creative and collaborative environment. 
  • Planning – regularly and promptly produce planning documents, such as content calendars, for review by your supervisor.
  • Writing – assure content is written correctly and reviewed for grammar and spelling errors as well as tone and strategic messaging. 
  • Outreach – identify, follow, monitor, and interact with online influencers across multiple platforms in alignment with client goals and strategic objectives. 
  • Innovation – display original thinking and creativity by curating creative images and videos; meet challenges with resourcefulness, generate suggestions for improving work, develop innovative approaches and ideas, present ideas and information in a manner that gets others’ attention. 
  • Sharing/Knowledge Transfer – continuously share insights, tips and other elements learned with others in our organization. Become a catalyst to an environment of sharing knowledge and stories of success and industry case studies that broaden our thinking and push our boundaries. 
  • Presentation and Communication Skills – confidence in creating and delivering presentations. Possess the ability to articulate and educate our organization about social media trends, habits and behaviors on an ongoing basis. Keep our organization apprised of social media best practices.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital marketing is an essential component of our donor, subscriber & influencer experience and retention. Digital marketing keeps people engaged with our brand after their initial donation and/or subscription. 

Today’s donors, subscribers & influencers rely on digital channels at various touchpoints—to research, compare, and inform their decisions. The onus is on us to ensure their experience is meaningful, or risk losing their support. Donors, subscribers & influencers want a highly personalized experience, one that’s relevant to their preferences. Brands that prioritize digital engagement have the data they need to address these demands. A digital marketing strategy generates actionable insights that help us advance and improve our donor, subscriber & influencer experience in many meaningful ways.

A multi-channel digital marketing strategy drives loyalty and brand awareness and helps us improve donor, subscriber & influencer relationships.

What is the goal of Digital Marketing?

To develop long-term communications strategies as well as optimize our donor, subscriber & influencer experience by engaging in meaningful exchanges and creating lasting relationships.


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