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Policy Education Program for High School Students

The Policy Education Program is designed to provide students with an immersive educational experience that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. Our program introduces students to the world of policy and government in the US through materials that encourage critical thinking and civic engagement. Our comprehensive course packets are prepared by university professors, subject matter experts, and researchers who masterfully educate students through a series of interactive materials and policy briefs.

Course Pack Highlights:

  • Policy Education: Students will explore a wide variety of policy areas, including but not limited to Business and Economy, Education, Energy and the Environment, Civil Liberties and Rights, Internet and Media, Taxes and Spending, National Security and Defense, and more.
  • Easy-to-Understand Format: All the materials are geared towards the 10th-grade reading level to ensure students grasp key information while gaining confidence in their ability to comprehend complex concepts.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will have the opportunity to critically analyze policy data, understand the impact of policy issues, and explore potential solutions for real-world problems that impact their daily lives.
  • Inspire Civic Engagement: Students who develop a solid foundation of policy knowledge and critical thinking skills will more confidently and thoughtfully engage with policy issues beyond the classroom.
At Policy vs Politics, we envision a future where accessible, unbiased education drives sound policy that improves the quality of life in America. A majority of high school students are either at voting age or approaching the age to participate in their first election. Through our comprehensive course packets, they will receive a foundational policy education that supports thoughtful civic engagement. 

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