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Calculator with US Dollars stack close up

Understanding the Role of Mandatory Spending in Balancing the US Budget

Mandatory spending is a crucial aspect of the US budget, with the potential to significantly impact the country’s economic stability and financial well-being. Learn more ...
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Mandatory Spending Concept: A picture of calculator, briefcase and fake money. Income earner and taxpayer

The Economic Impact of Mandatory Spending on the US Budget and National Debt

Learn more about mandatory spending, its role within the US budget and its effects on the economy. What is Mandatory Spending? Mandatory spending, also called ...
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For the greater good, Woman volunteer is collecting plastic waste on the beach to contribute to the effort of keeping nature clean.

What Influences Societal Obligation? How Can Individuals Contribute to the “Greater Good”?

Explore the underlying principles of obligation towards the greater good of a community, the reciprocal relationship between individuals and society and the significance of civic ...
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Male lawyer holding a pen in one hand but gesturing with both hands a type of questioning shrug. On his right is a legal book with balanced scales and on his left is a wooden gavel.

Obligation vs. Entitlement: Exploring the Distinctions

Join Policy vs Politics in exploring the fundamental ideas behind obligation and entitlement, their parallels and distinctions and how they relate to the ideas of ...
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The Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington DC on a bright spring morning. The building was completed in 1937. It was named after Marriner S. Eccles (1890–1977), a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve by an Act of Congress on October 15, 1982.

The Budgetary Process: Unraveling the Steps in Balancing the U.S. Federal Budget

The U.S. federal budget plays a critical role in funding various government programs and services, affecting everything from infrastructure development to social welfare programs and ...
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Financial a stimulus bill individual checks from government US 100 dollar bills currency on American flag

The Role of Entitlement Programs in the U.S. Federal Budget

From providing a safety net during personal crises to ensuring access to essential healthcare services, entitlement programs support those in need by enabling accessibility to ...
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Political Activism and Advocacy: Driving Policy Change

Chances are, you’ve participated in political advocacy or activism at some point in your life.  Maybe you’ve signed petitions, made donations, attended community meetings, joined ...
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Group of kindergarten kids friends holding magnifying glass for explore

Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion in Political Discourse

When it comes to politics, people often hold passionate positions when it comes to their beliefs, which can sometimes lead to heated discussions and even ...
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Side view of group of multiethnic people protesting outdoors with placards and signs. People shouting with banners protest as part of a climate change march. Protestors holding worker rights banners at protest.

The Intersection of Political Activism and Civic Engagement

  Educators play a key role in teaching students about the importance of civic engagement and political activism. However, many educators find explaining these concepts ...
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